I am a music producer and director, and studio and touring drummer giving my life and music to end the stigma of mental illness. Read what my friends have to say about me below.




"Working with Greg was an amazing experience. Somehow he was able to see right into the music and endow the sessions with a kind of prophetic instinct of what each song really needed.  His wide range of skills and knowledge make him not merely a musician, but a rare and valuable talent who displays many levels of understanding and ability. Well named, Greg is the Best."

-Douglas Gresham, Film Producer (The Chronicles of Narnia)


"Greg is an unparalleled creative force. Working with him was one of my best professional experiences to date. He knew what I wanted musically and creatively, and held the integrity of my project high. I didn't even get to see the full potential of his talent because he was focused on serving my needs. I hope to collaborate with him many times in the future."

-Meg Sutherland, Recording Artist


"Greg is one of the best musicians and writers I know. He's consistently putting out excellent songs and I would recommend his drumming and production to anyone who is looking for superb artistry and thoughtful creativity. His sensitivity to melodies, production, and rhythms makes him an asset in any studio session or live environment."

-Brian Moore, Producer (Red Booth Recording)


"Greg is a brilliant musician, savvy producer, and creative genius. He has an amazing ability to draw out more expressiveness and emotion from songs and artists more than anyone I've ever seen. I've been moved to tears hearing his drumming samples alone. Whether it's as a producer or as backbone of your band as a drummer, Greg comes with my highest recommendation."

-Mike Kim, Producer & Content Creator (The Brand You Podcast)


“Every now and then you stumble upon a truly great artisan, someone with music in their soul. I consider Greg Best just that. Before he writes a piece, before he records a part, he somehow climbs inside the song and creates from the inside out. Whether arranging, recording, or producing, he’s always able to turn emotion into music in unforgettable ways.”

-Christopher Hopper, Record Executive (Sprig Music)


"Greg is a consummate musical artist. He is not only the best drummer I have ever had the fortune to play with, he is also one of the best musicians I have collaborated alongside. If you're stuck and need an alternate point of view about an arrangement, Greg is the perfect person to have work on your song. He is a top-notch drummer in a live or studio setting. Greg is proficient in many genres including, but not limited to: rock, pop, jazz, classical, funk, and R&B. Last but not least Greg has an incredible demeanor and attitude. Despite his obvious virtuosity, he always treats people with care and respect."

-Nate Cronk, Songwriter


"I performed with Greg three times for improvisational sessions in front of a live audience, a setting in which these types compositions have a higher probability of derailing than perhaps other environments. Each time, Greg showcased his ability to both follow and lead the ensemble successfully. Not many people have the chops the bounce between highly structured pop songs with one artist and experimental music with another, but Greg does. I highly recommend working with him."

-Tommy Rehbein, Producer


"Greg doesn't just value excellence in performing and arranging music but also what the music is conveying emotionally and spiritually in melody and lyric. Contextually across the musical plane he's one of the best."

-Arthur Xiong, Producer