Working with Greg is an amazing experience. He sees right into the music and endows sessions with extraordinary intuition. His wide range of skills and knowledge make him not merely a musician, but a rare and valuable talent who displays many levels of understanding and ability. Well named, Greg is the best!
— Douglas Gresham, Executive Producer of The Chronicles of Narnia
Greg is one of the best musicians and writers I’ve ever worked with. He consistently puts out excellent songs and I recommend his production to anyone who is looking for superb artistry and thoughtful creativity. His sensitivity to songwriting of any style makes him an asset in any studio session or live environment.
— Brian Moore, Producer at Red Booth Studios
Greg is an unparalleled creative force with whom I’ve had my best musical experiences, both live and in the studio. He intuitively understands where music should go and holds the integrity of my projects high. I feel as if I haven’t even begun to experience the full range of his talents.
— Meg Sutherland, Recording Artist
Greg is a truly great artisan who has music deep within his soul. Before he writes a piece or records a part, he climbs inside the heart of the song and creates from the inside out. Whether arranging, recording, or producing, he’s always able to turn emotion into music in astonishing and unforgettable ways.
— Christopher Hopper, President of Sprig Music